Fellowships FAQ

1) How many Fellowships are given out each year? The Writers’ Room of Boston annually awards four Fellowships in various genres.

2) Do I have to live in the Boston area to be eligible? Absolutely. We want our Fellows to enjoy the full benefits of this opportunity, by making extensive use of the workspace and engaging in the Writers’ Room community. If you do not live locally, please include in your application a note about how you plan to make use of the workspace.

3) What is the page limit for the writing sample? Fiction and nonfiction samples should be no more than 20 pages. Poetry samples should not exceed 10 poems.

4) Is there an application fee? Yes. The application fee is $15. Please pay by online through PayPal, or by check or money order to The Writers’ Room of Boston, Inc.

5) Can I email my application? We prefer that you email your application. However, we cannot review an application until we have received the $15 application fee in the mail or online through PayPal.

6) What is the mailing address and who do I write the check out to? Checks (or money orders) should be made out to The Writers’ Room of Boston.

All mail should be sent to:
Fellowship Committee
The Writers’ Room of Boston, Inc.
111 State St. 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02109- 2905

8) How long does the fellowship last? The Writers’ Room of Boston Emerging Writer Fellowship is a 12-month residency.

9) When is the application deadline? The Fellowship applications must be emailed or postmarked by December 31st.

10) When can I expect to hear the results? Results are announced at the end of January.

Please email any further questions to info@writersroomofboston.org.