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The Writers’ Room is supported by quarterly, sliding-scale membership dues. The annual fee is $1200 per member per year, paid quarterly or monthly. This may sound high, but compared to writers’ rooms in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, our membership fees are the lowest writers’ room fees in a major urban market. 

We try to keep our fees as low as possible. It actually costs about $1500 to support one member per year, and in this way, every member receives a subsidy from the Room. We depend on public grants and private donations to make up the $300 per member shortfall. In addition to this across-the-board subsidy, we are currently providing financial assistance to 25% of our members; assistance is given to proven members who require emergency or seasonal aid. We also support four Fellows annually who receive a fully-funded year-long residency in the Room.

Please help us keep our fees low so that we can continue to support emerging and established writers in the Boston area. We want to increase our subsidies to local writers, and with your help, together we can expand Boston’s portfolio of  exceptional literature.  

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