Welcome to the 2017 WROB ‘No-Show’ Gala

at the world-renowned

House of Usher

Featuring the poetry of our special guest,

the acclaimed Boston-born writer, 


Introduction to the Gala; Alexander Danner reads “The Conqueror Worm.”

Elin Sarot Reads “Lenore.”

Mary Bonina reads “The Haunted Palace.”

Karen Lenar reads “El Dorado.”

Kristin Metz reads “Fairy Land.”

Alisa Wolf reads “Annabelle Lee.”

Kate Gilbert reads “Alone”

Rebecca Mahoney reads “The Raven.”


With your help, we raised more than $5,000. Your gift will support the Writers’ Room by keeping our membership dues affordable, ensuring the Room is accessible to writers of all backgrounds. Donations have a direct impact on our operating costs, as well as our annual Fellowship Program, which allows us to provide workspace in the Room for twelve months to four working writers, with priority given to those of demonstrated need and strong artistic merit. Donations also support programs like our 2017 Immigrant Voices Essay Contest, and enable writers of all genres to pursue their craft in a professional, quiet, and community-focused workspace.

Though we do receive some state and local funding, the WROB relies heavily on gifts like yours. We are truly grateful for your support of this longtime Boston literary institution.

Thank you.

Karen Lenar & Mike Sinert, Co-Chairs
and the WROB Board of Directors

We would like to offer our thanks to the more than 100 donors who bought tickets to the Gala, and a special note of thanks to the Reserved Table Sponsors and Event Sponsors below:

Reserved Table Sponsors

Jennifer Aronson
Shaun Bossio
Michael Carucci
Donald Cecich
Barbara Helfgott Hyett
Karen Lenar & Gilbert Winn
Maureen Rogers
Mike Sinert & Erica Frank

Event Sponsors

Liz Breen
Bernice Buresh
Bob Dall
Jody Gilbert
Brandon Greenblatt
Eric Hyett
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Jim Johnson
Geoff Kronik
Danielle Legros Georges
Rebecca Matchett
Susan Mickey
David Montenegro
Geert van der Kolk
Alisa Wolf

The WROB Board of Directors would like to offer a special note of thanks to Alexander Danner, the WROB’s outgoing chair of the past five years, for his ongoing commitment to the Room, and for his technical and audio contributions to tonight’s event.